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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maintainance delay

As some of us are busy, we are unable to maintain the site.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

5STL Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

5STL held a Chinese New Year reunion dinner on the 4th day of the CNY, at the famous Teow Chew Goh Huat Seng restaurant at Kimberly Street Penang.

The attendees for the night: Chee Jin (Ah Jin), Chun Jie (Escobar), Chun Yeh, Wen Ting (Ah Wen), Chee Khoon, Ah Yew, Wei Hin (Ah Pek), Chan Lye (Ah Lai) & GF, Boon Keong (O'Bak Keong) & GF, Talen, Mun Keong (Eh Yar Keong), Chee Yong (Wong Fei Hong), Wei Shou and James (Ah Song). Cost RM18 per person.

Thanks to everyone who attend the dinner. Thanks to Chun Yeh for the good wine we had. More photos please go to 5STL's Multiply site.

After the dinner, Talen, James, Chee Yong, Chee Khoon, Wen Ting and later join by Yi Yuan (One Dollar) proceed to Gurney Plaza for movie.

Chun Yeh escape again...

Chun Yeh brings us wine, Talen endorsed it.

Cheers! Good Health and Success in the Year of DOG!

Settling the payment, Columbian style...

Funny pose by Talen. Chun Jie immediately says: Lulang mai
super-impose ha! Limpek lapp lu!

Mun Keong bor-thak-chek again...

Everyone say cheeze...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kheong Hee Huat Chai!!!

Looking forward for the CNY gathering...

To all 5STL'ers, may the year of Dog brings you prosperity, smooth sailing career and good health!


Friday, January 27, 2006

钟灵中学 - History part II

Facilities and Buildings:

The school has over 80 classrooms, 14 Science Laboratories (4 of which are dedicated to Biology, 5 to Physics and 5 to Chemistry), 5 Workshops for Living Skills, 1 Field, 3 Basketball Courts, 3 Indoor Badminton Courts and 5 Computer Laboratories.

Huai Ze Hall (怀泽堂)

The hall was named in memory of the many Chung Ling students and teachers who died for the school in the Second World War. To the front of the hall lies the Clock Tower which also houses the

staff and administration of the school. The hall was designed in the early 40's to have 14 entrances which were spaced out evenly across the side of the hall. Many of these 14 were never used and in the subsequent renovation in the Year 2004, 6 were sealed off and there only remain 8. A central air-conditioning unit was installed in the 2004 renovation and glass windows were fixed along with curtains to replace the grills and bamboo blinds.

Blocks A and B

To date, there have been two sets of Blocks A and B's. The first pair were single storied buildings flanking the clock tower and at the end of each, there were two 2 storied science labs. In the 1960's, it was decided that they were to be demolished and new

buildings were to be built in their place. The latter set of Blocks A's and B's were these, two 3 storied buildings each with 5 classes to a level. The old science labs were renovated to fit into both blocks. Today, Blocks A and B consist of 25 classrooms, two discipline rooms, a knowledge centre, the gerko room and the Vice Principals' Room.

Blocks D and E

These two blocks flank both sides of the hall and are two storied buildings with only 4 classrooms per level. The classrooms found here are the oldest ones in the school still in use and are in bad condition.

Blocks C and F

Blocks C and F are the newest buildings of the school with Block F being finished in 1998 and Block C in 1999. They are the highest buildings in the school at 4 stories and 6 classrooms to a level. The predecessors to these new buildings were two storied ones. The topmost level of Block C holds the Computer Labs 1 to 3, with 4 and 5 being kept at the former science labs at Block A.

Block G

This is the oldest building in the school and its aging condition is evident. This block's classrooms were used till 2004, where the last occupants were two Lower Six classes. Currently, its classrooms have now been converted into Bookshop, Gymnasium, Counselling Section, School Cooperative, Prefects' Room, Prayer Room, Dental Clinic and Bookloans Room. A pathway which splits Block G into two leads down to the air-conditioned Band Room, Wireless Society room and numerous sports stores.


One may say how much he loves the school... but one may not truly understand how much he owe to the school...

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钟灵中学 - History

And I wonder how many of us truly know our school's history...


Chung Ling was established as a Primary School on February 9th 1917. It was moved several times before settling in its current location at Kampung Baru Air Itam. In 1923, in addition to its Primary classes, Lower Secondary classes were formed, allowing primary school students to continue their study in the school. Two years after moving into the Air Itam premises, Higher Secondary classes were established, allowing Chung Ling to become both a Primary and Secondary School.

Barely 3 years after moving in, the school was yet again moved elsewhere as the Air Itam premises were used as a military hospital by the British. During the war, many of the teachers and students were brutally murdered and executed by the invading Japanese as they refused to comply to the demand that desist learning of Chinese and instead take up Japanese. Today, a plaque lies in the hall entrance to commemorate those who gave up their lives for their mother tongue.

Chung Ling's Anthem

After the war, another incident was to rock the school. On February 4th, 1952 Principal David Chen was assassinated on his way to a meeting of Chinese Teachers. It is still unclear as to today why he was assassinated, although the main theory was that he was killed by the communists who were displeased with his anti-communist stand in education. Another theory forwarded was that he was assassinated by the British for conforming to extremist Chinese Education views. Both theories are unable to be verified as the assassin committed suicide in police custody. The other assassin was never arrested.

In 1953, the school hostels were completed and Chung Ling received students from as far north as Thailand and as far south as Johore. In 1955, Chung Ling Primary School was closed down, and Chung Ling became a Secondary School known as Chung Ling High School.

In 1956, at the behest of the Malayan Government, the school, under the leadership of Principal Wang Yoong Nien, decided to convert the school into a National Type School, with the government supplying on teachers and the school supplying everything else. This would cause a domino effect in the Chinese community and many other prominent Chinese schools followed suit. Principal Wang was seen by Chinese Educationists as a traitor the to Chinese Language and he was presumed to be a traitor to the Chinese. After retirement, Principal Wang moved to the United States and died there in the early 90's.

In 1961, Chung Ling High School (Private) was formed to take in those students who wished to receive their education totally in their mother tongue or those that had failed the Form 3 exams and could not proceed onto Form 4 in Chung Ling High School National Type.

In 1967 Chung Ling opened 6th Form Classes, which were co-ed, compared with the rest of the school which remained male only.

In 1986, Chung Ling High School Butterworth Branch was opened. It was later renamed Chung Ling Butterworth High School to reflect its independent identity. Together with the Private School, the three Chung Lings became known as Tri-Chung Ling High Schools which share a Board of Governors but are essentially three independent schools.

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I wonder how many of us still remember this...












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Monday, January 23, 2006

CNY Gathering

Sorry to announce that we had cancelled our apartment stay for this CNY. But we organised a gathering on the 1/2/2006 at Kimberly Street Steamboat shop. The time is 8.00pm sharp. Please call Ah Jin to confirm 012-4095529

So far those confirm to attend the gathering are,

1. Ah Jin
2. Ah Yew
3. Boon Keong and girl friend
4. Ah Pek and wife
5. Ah Wen
6. Ah Yeong
7. One dollar
8. Jun Jie

Friday, January 20, 2006


In case some of u still remember who this guy is, our efficientless prefect!

Face looks the same, but fat a lot!

His mobile 0124939288 !!

Ah Pek was in KL

Ah Pek stayed in Hotel Nobel, near SOGO departmental store.

I was busy, so I just had dinner with Ah Pek, but James Song was absent.

We just had the famous Fried beef hor fan at Imbi Rd.

Nothing special happened, just saw some chicks in Imbi, and talking about James.