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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shut Up! Or I give you Borang C !!!

To all the 5STL'ers, this is like a house hold name. The legendary 'Borang C' never fails to ignite fears even to the most notorious figure in our school. For example: Roliek, Bak Chim, Black Horse etc. etc.

The appearance of this pale brown paper is just the mere plain disguise of itself, where the aftermath of its effects would only measured on the ass… (of course, depending on the severity of conviction)

I.e. anything from mass-gambling, become the banker (chor chong), scout (look water), vandalism (breaking window glass*), bring illegal video tape/reading material, bring explosive (fire crackers), bring parang to school, MIA (missing in action and found in snooker centre), pants-stripping, noise-making, fighting, hair dyeing, stealings
You will definitely get your ass caned by Mr. Ar Bak.

(*Ah Moey will be immuned to this)

Notice why the form has 3 rows to fill up the names? Because my friend, crimes usually are 'organized' and commit in group of people and our disciplinary department is smart enough to create this form to cater for multiple names. Single individual or I should say, loner, will most probably live and pass their life peacefully trying not to get involve with anything or anyone. But when you have few fellas sitting together, he he… twisted mind, think alike. They will plan something like:

1. Covering someone’s head with school bag and hit him with slipper…

2. Organizing some ‘games’… which involve money…

3. Go opposite to the mamak bookstore and buy some ‘interesting’ books

4. Organize an indoor sports game…

5. Lure a 'chi ko' guy with the ‘interesting books’ so that everyone can jump on him & take off his pants…

*Item 5 is once a favorite pastime...

    All the above will most probably land the fellas nomination to the Borang C (Except, the ‘law enforcer’ also participate… then nothing will happen). It’s easier for you to ‘kena’ Borang C for item 2 to 5. Why not item 1? Because most of the time the victim doesn’t know what happen and who hit him. Although he more or less will figure who is the fucker but crime like this usually committed in large scale, most likely the law enforcer also participates. So, no point to make a complaint.

    Most of the Prefect and Monitor will always use this form to ‘threaten’ the powerless fellas only, usually less effective to the notorious because the notorious one will retaliate:

    ‘...lim pek will laap you after class…’

    So, to some, the Borang C is just for show only. Most of the fellas just won’t ‘hew lan’ the monitor or prefect.

    Nevertheless, no matter how notorious you are, if you name is nominated in the Borang C, there will be no escape. If you are lucky, you will just get yourself serving community work by cleaning the toilet and lawn mowing grass during the weekend. If not, get ready to take some strokes… Some will try to padded up by inserting exercise books or papers… but you will never fooled Mr. Ar Bak…


    • James u still keep the Borang C with u??? When I read this article all the memory in High School appear.

      We had left Chung Ling for more than 10 years liao, but friendship still going on.....

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:24 PM  

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